End-to-End Contract Lifecycle Management

Free up two hours a day with AI-assisted contracting 

Enable business teams to create, review, and execute contracts without legal intervention

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Why SpotDraft?

Adoption across teams

Our seamless two-way integration across all your tools- Salesforce, HubSpot, QuickBooks, Greenhouse, etc.- ensures that your business teams do not have to learn a new tool. 

Adoption for CLM

On-time Implementation

Our in-house Implementation team to make sure that you are up and running within weeks.

Our best-in-class Customer Service team ensures delivery and continuously works with you to get you onboarded, started, and adopted. 


The CLM in your budget

SpotDraft is competitively priced with the best ROI in the current macroeconomic environment, ensuring the budget does not get in your way of improving your productivity. 


Minimum change for you

SpotDraft has a familiar built-in MS Word-like editor, centralized storage, intake forms, Docusign/AdobeSign integration, Slack/Email/MS Teams alerts, and much more, making it comfortable for you to use. 


50% faster contracting

Speed up the redlining process with AI-assisted reviews and automated version control. Additionally, track and manage contract review requests on a centralized platform which also allows for different stakeholders to collaborate on contracts together.

50% faster

The ROI of Contract Automation

Make your Contracting Simpler, Faster, and Smarter with SpotDraft
Lower contracting costs by
Create contracts with self-serve templates in
2 minutes
Use automated approvals to reduce turnaround time by
Close deals faster by

Market Leader in the Contract Management category

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I am a big fan of SpotDraft. We've been using SpotDraft for most of our contract flow and signing. SpotDraft has the best mix of functionality and reasonable pricing.
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Sam Matthew, Head of Legal at On Deck
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End-to-end contract management on a single platform

Templatize high-volume business contracts with SpotDraft

Enable other business stakeholders to create and send out fully compliant contracts in minutes.

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Build scalable contracting processes

Leverage workflows to close contracts faster than ever while ensuring 100% compliance.

Automate approval workflows for high-value contracts-1

Create a single system of record

Say goodbye to frantically searching for the right version of a contract or manually creating contract reports on excel. With Repository, you have easy access to key contract data at all times.

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Work smarter, not harder

Leverage key data and insights from contracts to pinpoint bottlenecks and find areas of improvement.

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Best-in-class after sales support

"Excellent customer support. The team has been highly responsive and accomodating. They treat customer feedback seriously."

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All business teams can use SpotDraft seamlessly.

  • Generate sales contracts from Salesforce or any CRM
  • Automatically store all executed contracts in your drive/box/dropbox
  • Affix signatures directly and send out requests from within the SpotDraft platform
  • Get alerts on Slack and MS teams
  • Upload contracts to SpotDraft, and send the correct version to counterparties - all without leaving your Gmail inbox.
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From demo to delivery 
in just 7 days

It’s pretty simple, just like our software. Schedule a quick demo so you can see SpotDraft in action.
Great product with an outstanding team! SpotDraft is a very agile company who is hungry to build a category-leading product. As a customer that comes across very positively. The product has a huge potential.
Xavier L.
Beamery |
General Counsel
We use Spotdraft to process our contracts and turn them into contract summaries so clients can understand what they are reading. They are quick to return summaries to us within 48 hours and our clients enjoy the service. They do not have to read the entire contract if they don't wish to.
Olivia Zhou
Rolen Group |
VP, Talent & Partnerships
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I'm a big fan of SpotDraft! The SpotDraft platform and features are intuitive, making the contract process (mission-critical) more enjoyable. The UX is a delight. The SpotDraft team provides an excellent, collaborative service to support customers.
Cory L.
Buoy Health |
VP, Legal & Data Privacy Officer
The SpotDraft team has been more than amazing in helping us evaluate their platform and getting it ready for launch. Their product answers our needs and requirements and will grow with us as we continue to scale our organization.
David Levanon
Chargebee |
Senior Director & Head of Revenue Operations


Create business-wide impact with SpotDraft

Stop doing mind-numbing work

Automate repetitive contracting processes, create a single source of truth for contracts, and quantify the value legal adds to the business.


Don’t let contracts get in the way of closing deals

Empower your sales team to create error-free sales contracts themselves, within the CRM. Close deals faster than ever.

For Sales

Leverage the most underutilized source of finance data

Contracts dictate the cash flow of your entire business - leverage contract data to gain more visibility on cash flow and make better financial and risk management decisions.

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Stay on top of vendor contracts and never miss a renewal again

Streamline vendor contract creation, renewals, and negotiations. Store everything in one place and find what you’re looking for in seconds.

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Manage employee contracts efficiently

Every employee at your company has multiple contracts associated with them. A modern CLM solution like SpotDraft helps you centralize and standardize these contracts, and manage them better.

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Schedule a quick product demo

  • Our specialist will guide you through key features of our product that are relevant to your business
  • You will receive a free analysis of your current contract workflows
  • We’ll provide you with the ROI estimation, so you can see if our tool makes sense for your company